Is Lake Taupo Expensive?

There are many hotels, motels and several hostels situated around Lake Taupo, which is the largest freshwater lake in New Zealand. The list of places to eat and things to do is undoubtedly extensive. However, as a top tourist destination in New Zealand, is it expensive?


Hotels can vary from the cheap to the very expensive. One of the most expensive hotels in the resort is the Hilton Lake Taupo which can cost up to $276.00 per night, but other places can cost as little as $84.00 per night. Whether you want a hotel with a spa or just a room for the night, the choice is yours. However, online prices vary, so it is better to check several websites before booking your accommodation. If you are hiking or back-packing there are several holiday parks which the casual tourist or visitor can check into. These offer a cheap place to stay. Several motels are also relatively inexpensive if you are driving your own car or motorhome.

Eating Out in Lake Taupo

There are many different places to eat in Lake Taupo, from high-end restaurants to fast food establishments and cafes. They include Chinese, Thai, Italian, Indian, pizza and seafood restaurants all at reasonable prices. There are also fast-food outlets, the choice is yours. As with any tourist resort, there are expensive and cheap options to eat out. There is even the obligatory McDonalds and other various cheap takeaway outlets.

What to Do in Lake Taupo?

There are many activities to take part in at the Lake Taupo resort, ranging from a guided kayak tour on the lake lasting two hours for around $60.00 to a trip to the Maori rock carvings on a daily scenic boat ride for approximately $46.00. You can also take jet-boat rides, helicopter rides, go white water rafting and skydiving for reasonable prices. The list is endless, and there are many organised tours and trips which a tourist or casual visitor can undertake.

In and Around Lake Taupo

Lake Taupo covers over 230 square miles and is a freshwater lake famous for trout fishing. It features the Great Lake Walkway which is around six miles long and is available to anyone free of charge. Visitors can walk or cycle this route which goes from Taupo Harbour to the end of Five Mile Bay, and it is very picturesque and quiet. The lake is popular with outdoor enthusiasts, and it even caters for backpackers on low budgets who can readily check into holiday parks at the south end of the lake. Also look out for the Orakei Korako Cave and Thermal Park Huka Falls, which gets you up close to Taupo’s geothermal activity.

Public Transport and Getting Around

Lake Taupo is situated an hours drive from Rotorua and daily flights are available from Auckland and Wellington to the local town of Taupo. You can also drive along State Highway 1 in your own car or a hire car. There are also private and public bus companies which will take you around or get you to your destination for a reasonable cost. Ferry services to get to Lake Taupo are available or if you like travelling by train, try the Northern Explorer to visit the whole area.