Everything about Lake Taupo and the Nearby Attractions

Taupo is a primary tourist attraction site in the North Island of New Zealand. This area experienced several super-volcanoes which led to the formation of Lake Taupo, the major attraction.

Besides the lake, there are Maori Rock Carvings, among other iconic features which attract tourists internationally. Discussed below is the information you need to know about Lake Taupo.

Lake Taupo Formation History

It is the largest lake in Australiasia, measuring 616 km² long and 46km wide. Lake Taupo, a freshwater lake was formed by a super-volcanic eruption that occurred over 26,000 years ago. This eruption known as the Oruanui eruption created a caldera which was filled with water forming the famous Lake Taupo. The Oruanui eruption was the most massive eruption in over 70,000 years ago.

After this major eruption, several minor explosions caused lava domes and spread ash and pumice in the nearby areas.

In 1800 years ago, the Taupo eruption occurred. This is known as the most violent eruption that has ever happened in the world in over 5000 years ago. Taupo eruption was so intense that it turned skies red in Europe and China. This eruption buried the nearby areas underneath more than 100 meters, and the hot flow spread over 90 km covering all the local features.

To date, Lake Taupo has numerous natural thermal springs, bubbling mud and steam vents which burst through the rare piles of earth thin crust.

Tourist Attractions, and Accommodation

The Taupo region has several attraction sites that occurred after the eruption. Lake Taupo itself is an attraction site. Tourists enjoy cruising in this beautiful crystal lake, enjoying the cool breeze and sightseeing its natural features.

You can use a yacht, boat, or a chopper to the Maori Rock Carvings in an adventurous sail. An evening sail is the best when you watch the sun go down. During summer, cruise and swim or better still, take the Eco-friendly yacht.

Tourists also can go fishing, mountain biking, hiking, water, and snow sports. The region offers the best off-road trails for mountain biking. You can also go for Trout fishing or get a private guide to take you to one of the best anglers around.

Lake Taupo is also home to sky diving sites where tourists can visit and get the best view of the volcanic landscape. Bungy jumps is also an adventurous activity where you get to jump from 47 meters.

While in Lake Taupo, you also get the chance to learn about the Maori Rock Carvings history, the Wairakei Terraces which are the first human-made silica terraces in the world. You can enjoy Maori’s cultural performances, their cuisine and also the bathe in the silica hot pools.

There are many hotels and lodges around Lake Taupo and Taupo town. Some hotels are inexpensive, while others are high-end hence costly. One of the best hotels is Huka lodge which is surrounded by beautiful gardens, native bush and has a 20-room inn.

Even though the volcanic activity is dormant, there’s a possibility of eruption in future. The good thing is that the authorities and the volcanologists are always monitoring the situation. While an eruption is possible, there will always be signs but for now, Lake Taupo and the entire region remains a top tourist destination.